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If you want to break into travel writing or expand your portfolio, you’ll find hundreds of print magazines listed here that accept travel articles for professional rates.

For each magazine, we include:

  • the magazine’s editorial focus
  • what type of magazine it is (custom, consumer, trade)
  • where the magazine is based
  • relevant editors for travel pitches
  • several years of covers to give you a sense of the magazine’s style

Full access members also receive access to a detailed breakdown of the magazine, including:

  • which sections are open to freelancers
  • the length of each section
  • examples of what has been covered previously in each section
  • the magazine’s target readership traits
  • the percentage of travel-related content in each issue
  • where to read full issues online
  • editors’ email addresses
  • pay rates to the best of our knowledge
  • and much more!

Basically, everything you need to write a successful pitch!

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